2013 “Cheap Trick Day” Contest Quiz!


UPDATE: Congratulations to SUE ZISHOCK – New York winner and ANTHONY ROBLES – Los Angeles winner!

Good work, TrickFans! Many of you came close to an almost-perfect score. Your knowledge of all things Trick is quite impressive! Many thanks to Rick Nielsen, Tom Petersson and Kim Gisborne for the tricky (no pun intended) questions used in this year’s contest, and thanks to Darran Prosser for the quiz headline graphic.Answers to the quiz are now posted below.

Welcome to our CHEAP TRICK DAY contest!

This year’s Trick Day Quiz winners will receive two (2) tickets to a special invite-only CHEAP TRICK show that is taking place at the end of this month. One show is in New York City, the other is in Los Angeles.

Here are the rules:
Below are a series of questions, with additional questions used as “tiebreakers.”  The people who answer the most number of questions correctly will be in the Winner’s Circle Lottery. One winner and a guest will be chosen for the New York show, one winner and a guest will be chosen for the Los Angeles show.

Please answer the questions in the following format:
List the question number, and your answer next to it.
(For example:  1.  ANSWER)

Please include your name, email address, and if you are a Trick International Fan Club member, include your membership number. Most importantly, please indicate which show – New York or Los Angeles – you would like to attend. You must indicate one city only or your submission will be void. One submission per person.

Send your answers to: TrickDayQuiz2013@AOL.COM

Please note that the winners will receive concert tickets only. Does not include any transportation, airfare or hotel accommodations.
Winners must provide the name of the guest upon notification. Both winner and guest must have valid photo identification.

Contest ends at 10:00amCST on April 2, 2013.
Contest is not open to employees or family members of CT Touring or its affiliated management companies or subsidiaries.

No correspondence will be entered into regarding questions or answers. Decision of the judges is final.
Contest is open to all CHEAP TRICK fans.
Winners will be notified April 4, 2013.
Answers and winners list will be posted after 5:00pmCST on April 4, 2013.

CLICK HERE to download the questions,or read them below!~

  1. The band’s first 45 single release in the USA was “Oh Candy.” What song was on the “B” side?
  1. On the “In Color” album cover, what is the make and model of motorcycle that Robin sitting is on?
  1. Which band did Cheap Trick tour with in Australia in 1990?
  1. At which studio was “If It Takes a Lifetime” recorded?
  1. What is written on the back of the guitar Rick had made for the first Sgt. Pepper show?
  1. Name the song Cheap Trick performs on the “Caddyshack II” movie soundtrack.
  1. Cheap Trick return to SummerSonic in Japan this upcoming August. Who headlined the bill (that included CT) on the outdoor stage at SummerSonic in Tokyo in 2003?
  1. Which guest provided extra background vocals on the track “You Drive I’ll Steer”?
  1. Who directed the promo video containing 5 tracks from the band’s debut album?
  1. Name the title of the original song, and also the reworked title of the song that Cheap Trick recorded for use by Audi in a SuperBowl commercial?
  1. What 3 songs did the band perform on an episode of the television show “One Tree Hill”?
  1. Which studio, and in what year, was the demo track of “Fan Club” recorded?
  1. What Beastie Boys song includes a sample of Cheap Trick?
  1. Rick is carjacked in the movie “Disorderlies.” What was the license plate number of the car he was driving?
  1. Who was on backing vocals on the original demo of “A Place in France”?
  1. What bass did Tom use on the song “If I Could”?
  1. Which member of Aerosmith regularly joined Cheap Trick on stage during the 2012 Aerosmith/Cheap Trick tour?
  1. Who yells “One more time!” on the song “Invaders of the Heart”?
  1. Who provided the DJ patter at the “Heaven Tonight” album show in 1998 in Chicago?
  1. How many different colors of vinyl was the “Special One” album released on in the USA?


  1. Rick has a pick design with R’s all over it in different fonts. How many of the letter “R” can be found on this pick? (Note: we are talking about the standard R’s pick – NOT the Sgt. Pepper Paris Las Vegas version.)
  1. Who tore up Cheap Trick’s 8×10 photo at the Record Plant because Jack Douglas was working with the band?
  1. Who was Cheap Trick’s GMC driver when they recorded their first album in New York City?

CLICK HERE for the answers!

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