Thanks to the Lancaster Fire Department!

Thanks to the Lancaster Fire Department for their quick response at the American Music Theatre last night. The incident happened after the band finished their performance and was contained to some in-house equipment. No guitars, drums, gear, band or crew were were affected.

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Photo courtesy: Rick Nielsen


“Cheap Trick Day” Quiz



Sharon Monbleau
Glen Pavan


Joseph Maciejewski
Jennifer Tarango
Sue Zishock

Special thanks to Kim Gisborne (fact checker) and Darran Prosser (graphics), and Tom Petersson (tiebreaker question).

photo_3On which side of the self-titled debut LP is “ELO Kiddies”?

  1. Side 1
    1. What was the title of the bonus track on the Japanese release of the Rockford album?

    “Mondo Ragga” (“Mando Ragga” was also accepted)


    1. Name the band and title of the 45/single on which Rick made his vinyl debut (though he was uncredited).

    The Yardbirds – “Ha Ha Said The Clown”

    1. What was the original title of “Way of the World”?

    See Me Now”

    1. Who headlined on the Mountain Stage at Summersonic Tokyo in 2013, playing after Cheap Trick had performed?

    .Stereophonics  (Beady Eye was listed on the schedule, however, they canceled.)

    1. In which city did Cheap Trick make their British debut?

    Manchester on 3/27/78. (Jim Capaldi opened for Kansas in London on 3/25/78 though CT did all their other Europe/UK dates.)

    1. Who briefly played keyboards with the band on tour in 1985, between Steve Walsh leaving and Tod Howarth joining?

    Kasim Sulton

    1. Name the song that Cheap Trick contributed to the movie soundtrack Another Way.

    Stop That Thief”

    1. On the Live in Australia DVD, how many cars did Ken Harris say were in the band’s caravan to a Tokyo radio station during the first tour in Japan?


    1. Who is the 117th entry thanked by Cheap Trick in the credits of the S.A.CT box set? (Hint: the answer is the same whether you start from A or Z)

    Noriko Kobayashi

    Tiebreaker/bonus question:

    What bass did Tom play on the studio version of “Wrong Side of Love”?

    Tom says:

    Rickenbacker 4008, 8 String Bass “Robin Zander Rules, And I Just Talked to Him”

 Washington, DC-based Columnist

Cheap Trick Frontman Opens Up About His Current Club Tour, Family & The Future

So you know how sometimes you don’t realize how much a cultural phenomenon that’s kind of been on your radar forever means to you until it’s staring you in the face? That totally happened to me this weekend when I figured out that Cheap Trick frontman Robin Zander was scheduled to play at a small but brilliant club called The Birchmere less than one mile away from my home just outside of Washington, DC.

Of course I bought tickets immediately. For instinctively, I have been in varying degrees of awe of the guy since I was a teen. That’s like 30-plus years. But it’s not something I spend a lot of time thinking about because I don’t hear about him much.

It is strangely easy to forget how awesome — and important — Robin Zander and Cheap Trick are when you’re talking rock ‘n’ roll — or just Things That Are Cool. And it’s similarly easy to forget that Robin himself is arguably the greatest, most perfect rock star ever. EVER, people…


Rolling Stone: Cheap Trick Wrap ‘Guitar Center Sessions’ Season Seven – Premiere

It always sounded as though Cheap Trick frontman Robin Zander was taking a little vocal shortcut on the band’s bubblegum classic “I Want You to Want Me.” For some reason, the phrase “didn’t I” wouldn’t roll off the tongue the way he wanted, so he seemed to be singing, “Oh-oh, deedle-I, deedle-I, deedle-I see you cryin’?” …

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USA Today: Rick Nielsen’s extensive guitar collection featured in ‘Guitar Aficionado’ book

Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen’s extensive and impressive guitar collection is documented in coffee table tome Guitar Aficionado: The Collections – The Most Famous, Rare, and Valuable Guitars in the World — and, with good reason.

“I’ve been collecting since the 1960s,” he says. “Some people collect this or that. I’m a musician; I collect guitars.”

But,”new pretty shiny ones” never attracted Nielsen, who turns 67 on Sunday, and grew up surrounded by instruments at his dad’s band and orchestral rental store in Northern Illinois.

“I always bought used ones because I could afford them,” says the self-taught musician. “People used to trade their guitars to get new ones; I never traded anything. It’s like the new phones today, there’s always something about the one you got rid of that the update is missing, it’s an easy way to describe why I never got rid of anything.”



Cheap Trick on NPR’s “Sound Opinions”

Cheap Trick taped a segment for NPR’s “Sound Opinions” with Greg Kot and Jim DeRogatis on 7/22/13. It is a Budokan anniversary retrospective interview with 4 songs performed in the studio. Air date will be in approximately 6-8 weeks.

The band also had a quick visit with Alison Cuddy (“the NPR lady”), whose voice you might recognize during the intro of the band’s show on tour.
withAlisonCuddy NPRstudio