Dave Grohl on “Rick’s Picks”

When Dave Grohl was asked to join Rick’s new exhibit, Rick’s Picks: A Lifelong Affair With Guitars and Music, he had this to say during a Foo Fighters show, “Tonight I’ll tell you why I’m the f*cking luckiest guy here… because rather than just play just some f*cking guitar for the next bunch of songs, Rick Nielsen from Cheap Trick let me borrow his f*cking guitar! (crowd roars) The original f*cking checkerboard Cheap Trick guitar. You know this one… you’ve heard it a f*cking thousand times… (sings and plays chorus to Surrender; crowd roars again; holds up guitar) This is the one! So in honor of that, because Cheap Trick were one of the f*cking bands that made me want to start a band, I’d like to play the first song of the first Foo Fighters record…”
Visit rickspickslive.com for more info!

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