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Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
10-20-2013, 02:09 PM,
Wink  Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
Just a reminder, Project Runway All Stars, Season 3 starts Oct. 24th. Alyssa Milano is the host. Isaac Mizrahi & Georgina Chapman are judges & Zanna Roberts Rassi is the mentor.

A brand new season of "Project Runway All Stars" will premiere on Thursday, October 24 at 9.8c! With a prize package worth almost a million dollars at stake and three past "Project Runway" winners in the running plus a new host, Alyssa Milano, and a new mentor, Marie Claire Senior Fashion Editor Zanna Roberts Rassi even the smallest mistake will send these designers packing at the hands of returning judges Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman.

Guest judges will include film and TV stars Abigail Breslin, Kristin Chenoweth, Gabourey Sidibe and Elisabeth Moss; actor, comedian and radio/TV personality Nick Cannon; rocker Debbie Harry; supermodel Bar Refaeli; anchor Gayle King and TV host Lisa Robertson; as well as esteemed fashion personalities Nate Berkus and Michael Urie. Also guest judging this season are "Project Runway" judges Nina Garcia and Zac Posen, along with previous "Runway" winners Christian Siriano (Season 4) and Anya Ayoung-Chee (Season 9), as well as "All Stars" winners Mondo Guerra (Season 1) and Anthony Ryan Auld (Season 2).

Coming Back are:

Jeffrey Sebelia (Los Angeles, CA) – Season 3, Winner. This self-proclaimed "god of chaos," known for his grunge and punk style, made his mark on "Project Runway" by surprising the judges during Fashion Week, making him the season three winner. Since his win, Jeffrey has developed a successful high-end kids' line called La Miniatura.

Mychael Knight (Atlanta, GA) – Season 3, Fourth Place. Season 3's fan favorite Mychael has made a big name for himself since his appearance on "Project Runway" and is hoping to make it to the end this season. His labels include Mychael Knight, Kitty & Dick (female and male lingerie) and MajK (unisex fragrance), and his designs have been worn on the red carpet by celebrities such as Jennifer Hudson, Kelly Rowland and Queen Latifah.

Korto Momolu (Little Rock, AR) – Season 5, Runner-up. Throughout her season, Korto was known for embracing color, diversity and her African roots into her designs. Since her time on "Runway," she continues her success by selling her collections and keeping things eco-friendly with the garment line Green Love, and has designed for Leila Lopes (Miss Universe 2011); the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; and for the Walton Family (Wal-Mart).

Irina Shabayeva (New York, NY) – Season 6, Winner. Being the Season 6 winner and never receiving any low scores by the judges, Irina has what it takes to win again. She started a bridal line after "Runway" and has designed for many celebrities, including the butterfly dress worn by Selena Gomez for the 2011 People's Choice Awards and the dress for Grammy®-winning singer Carrie Underwood on her album cover "Blown Away."

Seth Aaron Henderson (Vancouver, WA) – Season 7, Winner. This self-taught designer already proved once to the world he was the best, and knows he is capable of winning again. His designs are inspired by music, specifically new wave, punk and '80s goth, and he is committed to a sustainable future, so his designs feature organic fabrics and recyclable plastic bottles. Since winning "Project Runway," Seth has done red carpet commentary for E! and served as a part of the fashion judging panel for past "Runway" seasons.

Ari South (Honolulu, HI) – Season 8, Third Place. Wildly successful fashion designer and fan favorite Ari South (formerly Andy South) is ready to reintroduce herself to "Runway" fans and win the competition. Ari feels that living her life as an openly transgendered person gives her ability to impact not only who she is as a designer but also others. After "Runway," her first collection was picked up by Neiman Marcus in Hawaii and has been carried there ever since.

Viktor Luna (New York, NY) – Season 9, Third Place. Being a photographer as well as a designer, Viktor gains inspiration for his fashion from nature’s overlooked oddities. His collection is geared towards a woman who is empowered, elegant and edgy. Some celebrities who have worn his designs include Ciara, Carly Rae Jepsen, Big Boi and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Melissa Fleis (San Francisco, CA) – Season 10, Third Place. From growing up in a tiny town in Michigan to competing on "Project Runway," Melissa knows how to make a big impact on the fashion world. She designs for "independent, savvy girls who like to wear black" and is inspired by the Dada and Bauhaus art movements, wanting to give women a feeling of strength and edge. Since "Runway," Melissa has been creating custom leather jackets and clutches, and one day hopes to create a lifestyle brand that includes interior design and furniture.

Christopher Palu (Massapequa, NY) - Season 10, Fourth Place. Although he didn't win his season, Christopher is coming into this "All Star" season with the most challenge wins among his fellow competitors. He has training from the Fashion Institute of Technology and his speed gives him an advantage when it comes to designing. Christopher is excited for this opportunity, since his last season gave him courage, strength and confidence.

Elena Slivnyak (San Francisco, CA) – Season 10, Sixth Place. Futurism and luxury are the key influences for Elena's designs. When it comes to fashion, shoes and accessories are musts, and her icon is Lady Gaga. Although "Project Runway" was one of the most stressful things Elena claims she has done, she is prepared and ready to compete for the win.

Daniel Esquivel (Austin, TX) – Season 11, Fourth Place. "Project Runway"'s most recent alum and best team player, Daniel, is ready to show his more competitive side this time around. His styles root from upbeat happy music and are described as free, modern and sexy. Since "Runway," Daniel has returned to designing for elite clientele in Austin.
Xo~My World Is In A Spin, You Want To Come On In~oX
10-20-2013, 06:20 PM,
RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
Looking forward to watching this All Star season! I'm surprised they have so many past winners on. Weren't the other seasons just runners up? Very interesting to see what the designers have been doing since being on Project Runway. I bet you're looking forward to seeing Debbie Harry!
If I never loved, I never would have cried.
10-22-2013, 02:46 PM,
RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
I am tres excited about this season of All Stars. Seth Aaron is my all time favorite designer on Project Runway. For his finale runway I loved every look of his. And he is a genunine nice guy. Also very happy to see Mychael Knight back. So not happy Jeffrey is back though nor Irina. But that is just my opinion. I am not sure how Alyssa is going to do but they have yet to have a host that is a keeper. As far as guest judges I am often left wondering what makes them think some of these judges know squat about fashion. That said, Debbie Harry IS fashion so if she could be on every week I would be a very happy viewer!
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien - Edith Piaf
10-23-2013, 11:18 AM,
RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
I'm excited for this season! I really enjoyed the regular season of PR, so it will be great to see some past favorites on the show, particularly Seth Aaron. Allie, I just saw that Debbie Harry will be a guest judge on tomorrow's premiere! This will be great, I'm sure! Smile

10-23-2013, 11:48 AM,
RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
I can't wait!!! You all know after Marilyn Monroe, I think Debbie is the most beautiful woman ever. (Watch Ms. Lowe chime in). Lol. So glad I caught her shoe a few years back. Check it out on YouTube. Just type in Zandergal catching Debbie Harry's shoe! Or something to that effect. Lol

She's still looks & sounds great. Looking forward to seeing how Alyssa does. I watch her on Mistresses.
Xo~My World Is In A Spin, You Want To Come On In~oX
10-23-2013, 07:14 PM,
RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
(10-23-2013, 11:48 AM)Zandergal Wrote:  I can't wait!!! You all know after Marilyn Monroe, I think Debbie is the most beautiful woman ever. (Watch Ms. Lowe chime in). Lol. So glad I caught her shoe a few years back. Check it out on YouTube. Just type in Zandergal catching Debbie Harry's shoe! Or something to that effect. Lol

She's still looks & sounds great. Looking forward to seeing how Alyssa does. I watch her on Mistresses.

Let me make this easy:
Hilarious by the way. Fun stuff!
10-23-2013, 07:28 PM,
RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
You found it!! I was in the 1st row & it went over my head then magically landed in my hand. You can hear me thanking her. LOL It was pretty funny & very unexpected. I went home & tried it on. It fit, but she wears a larger shoe size than me.
Xo~My World Is In A Spin, You Want To Come On In~oX
10-23-2013, 07:36 PM,
RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
(10-23-2013, 07:28 PM)Zandergal Wrote:  You found it!! I was in the 1st row & it went over my head then magically landed in my hand. You can hear me thanking her. LOL It was pretty funny & very unexpected. I went home & tried it on. It fit, but she wears a larger shoe size than me.

Simpatico with Debbie. Nice. And you are right, I think she is beautiful as well. Marilyn too. I also put Michelle Pfeiffer with both of these women.
10-26-2013, 01:09 PM, (This post was last modified: 10-26-2013, 01:11 PM by Zandergal.)
Big Grin  RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
Agree about Michelle Pfeiffer, another truly beautiful woman who starred in one of my favorite movies; What Lies Beneath. What did you think I was going to say Grease II? LOL

The designers met new host Alyssa Milano in Bryant Park, where she explains a few notes: Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman are back as judges, with Marie Claire's Zanna Roberts Rassi acting as mentor. There's no immunity this time around. Challenge winners will be up for elimination each week along with everyone else. The prize package is huge and valued at over three quarters' of a million dollars. W

The first challenge. Inspired by legendary rocker Debbie Harry, the designers have to create a punk look using only what's available to them at Mood. They'll hash out their garments in Mood's basement no workroom, no designers' lounge.

Guest judge, my favorite female singer of all time, Debbie Harry.

Jeffrey Sebelia - Top Two. I don't like him for some reason. I'm not saying his designs, just him! A ragged high-low chiffon skirt with a leopard-print-accented black peplum low-backed jacket. Georgina likes that it's editorial and Alyssa says she'd wear it. Isaac thinks it's a success.

Mychael Knight - Safe. Super short, super tight. Just because it has safety pins, doesn't mean it's PUNK.

Korto Momolu - Safe. I think she should have also been in the bottom three. Nothiing at all says PUNK!!! I just don't get it. The cascading hemline front and back and the uneven puffy sleeves feel so old-fashion. Front: lady goes to church; back: mama tries to glam up with a bare back.

Irina Shabayeva - Safe. It was ok. I'd be afraid the back zipper would ride up my ass. You sit down & it zips right up. LOL

Seth Aaron Henderson - Top Two. I think he should have won. White plaid pants with a black and red-trimmed white leather jacket. Isaac digs the proportions and Georgina loves the attitude of the white leather jacket. Georgina doesn't quite think it screams "punk."

*** Ari South - Auf'd the He/SHe. A lime green and slate grey jacket layered underneath a khaki bolero, paired with grey and black shorts. Georgina's blown away by the construction of the garments, but for her that underlines the problem: It's not rough enough. The ensemble is much more sophisticated than, as Alyssa says, "any person who's of that movement would want to be." And with that, Ari is the first designer eliminated this season.

Viktor Luna - Bottom three. A black blazer with grommet detailing on the sleeves paired with red, grey, and black patterned pants. The judges think it's well done, but Isaac says the outfit lacks tension, that the model seems sporty and relaxed but not really punk. Georgina and Debbie agree that the model looks a little conformist and that the weekender bag and shoes don't help.

Melissa - Bottom 3. A one-shoulder blue body con dress, black tights, and a white sleeveless leather jacket. Melissa admits she ran out of time on the dress, but Georgina and Isaac both think that the dress and not the jacket is what gives the look some personality.

Christopher Palu - Safe. HIs look was interesting, but too much going on. Didn't like the one piece of the garment hooked onto the chain around the neck.

*** Elena Slivnyak - Winner. A black miniskirt with a backwards neon leather jacket. "This is a straightjacket, but in bright, fun colors," Isaac says approvingly. Debbie praises the jacket, too, bringing Elena to tears. Georgina calls the jacket the most interesting, well-worked piece in the runway show, and Debbie agrees so much that she says she'll wear the jacket at a performance, prompting a big show of emotion from a grateful, flattered Elena. I can really see Debbie wearing it! (This is also Elena's first challenge win. Ever.)

Daniel Esquivel - Safe. Surprised he wasn't in the bottom three. Nicely tailored jacket, but just putting hit pink feather as a belt does't make it PUNK!

Did you all watch the reunion show? I posted about it in the regular PR post.
Xo~My World Is In A Spin, You Want To Come On In~oX
10-26-2013, 05:17 PM,
RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
OMG This competition will be fierce! So many of the really talented "losers" along with some winners. Season 10 seems to be well represented. I loved Mychael and Andi/Ari. I was sad to see her go so soon, but truly her outfit was not punk at all, just an outfit. I thought Mychael would be in the bottom because of the pins, same as Viktor. Even though they praised his grommets, it was just an easy gimmick.
I love to hear Elena talk and swear. I hope they keep her around. Korto should have been in the bottom. Her dress had nothing to do with the challenge.
I hope they do teams sometime with Jeffrey and Seth Aaron and Elena and Irena. That would be funny.
I was surprised at Debbie Harry's conservative outfit until I saw her lime green platform shoes!
Because I had to work again on Thurs night I haven't watched the PR After the Runway yet. But I will this weekend, it should be interesting.
If I never loved, I never would have cried.
11-01-2013, 10:17 AM,
Wink  RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
From last's night episode....Alyssa leads the designers into the cavernous Museum of Natural History to present their second challenge.

The designers will choose one of ten insects/arachnids to inspire an avant-garde look. The look should somehow incorporate the insect's color, shape, texture, and movement. It's a sign of confidence in these designers that they'll be expected to produce something avant-garde this early in the season and in ten hours.

Guest judges are Season 9 champ Anya Ayoung-Chee and jewelry designer, Jennifer Meyer.

Jeffrey Sebelia - Safe? Really??? In the workroom, Christopher compared this to the leg lamp from "A Christmas Story," and when it walks the runway the comparison seems even more apt. The one-shoulder top is paired with trousers with one red leg, a hood, and a lampshade-esque wrap-around piece. Jeffrey jumps to defend his look against a panel of judges who seem utterly perplexed by it. There's a real difference of opinion here about how wearable an avant-garde look should be. "This is an avant-garde look. I didn't know I was supposed to make an avant-garde outfit," Jeffrey says. "Well, it's clothes, in the end," Isaac replies. Anya: "I think she could be a backup dancer for Lady Gaga. I think your look should be the star of the show." Isaac basically throws up his hands, but admits that Jeffrey's "poise in presenting the project intimated me, a little bit, into liking it more." Anya argues that had Jeffrey not defended his work, the panel would have nothing to say about it. I would have sent this home!

***Mychael Knight - Winner?? His grey and electric-green neoprene dress, based off a worm, has a kind of ripply outer cocoon shell. Everything about this one works for the judges, from the fabric choice (soft and expensive-looking) to the Chanel-like length of the skirt. I personally did not like it & would have not given him the win!

Korto Momolu - Safe. I actually liked her pantsuit look. The trim on the legs definitely brought to mind all the legs of the centipede.

Irina Shabayeva - Top 3. An elaborate fringe gown with a massive poufed skirt that Irina herself compares to a duvet. Alyssa notes that the curves of the skirt mimic the movement of a millipede and Anya likes the mix of textures. Irina was smart not to adhere too closely to her bug's yellow-and-black color scheme; the judges love the drama of the look and the quality of its construction. I would have given this one the win.

Seth Aaron Henderson - Safe. His amour look seemed expected. He was funny running off the stage though.

Viktor Luna - Safe. Draping in the back was really nice.

Melissa - Bottom 3. The judges like Melissa's black felt dress with spidery straps sheer paneling, but they concur that it's not nearly avant-garde enough for an avant-garde challenge. It would be a toss up between her & Jeffrey for me to go home!

Christopher Palu - Safe. His model looked like a zombie, good use of using body paints.

Elena Slivnyak - Top 3. A warrior-esque black, orange, and yellow zip-up dress with green and red painted details inspired by a grasshopper. This silhouette/design is such a literal interpretation of Elena's bug.

***Daniel Esquivel - Out!. I was shocked. I really didn't think his was worse than Jeffrey's & Melissa! Short brown strapless dress, sheer brown paneling, billowy brown train. Daniel explains that he wanted the look to be "armor-esque but docile at the same time." Isaac dislikes the unflattering fabric covering the model's throat. Georgina compliments the attitude of the train but doesn't think that matches at all with the vibe of the front of the dress. Anya thinks the choice of lamé and plastic-y fabrics cheapens the whole look. "If your fabric choices are these," she follows up later, "that speaks to a taste level you can't teach someone.
Xo~My World Is In A Spin, You Want To Come On In~oX
11-01-2013, 08:00 PM,
RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
Jeffrey's outfit was so ridiculous in every way. A hood? A lampshade? A red leg meaning danger? He should have gone home. Even though it shouldn't matter, I think because he was a previous winner it saved him. Daniel was in the bottom on his season a lot. That must have worked against him. Even Melissa was shocked he went home. He took it graciously, though. I totally agree about Mychael's win. I was surprised and thought the Irina's look was awesome. It was everything they asked for. I also liked Christopher's.
If I never loved, I never would have cried.
11-04-2013, 04:28 PM,
RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
Late to the party but here's my two cents. Why, why, why did Jeffrey get saved? His outfit was ridiculous! My sister said the only thing she can think of that allowed him to stay is he was able to better describe his outfit. WTH???? I think Irina should have won it. Her design looked this it was crawling. It had such movement. I'm not sure where these judges are going this season......
Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien - Edith Piaf
11-12-2013, 05:38 AM,
Big Grin  RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
The designers met at Jay-Z's 40/40 Club for what they think is some free time, but obviously not. This weeks challenge is to create a cocktail dress and to find inspiration from the ingredients, colors, and presentation of cocktails.

Michael won last week's challenge so he gets first dibs from the list of cocktails, then gets to pick who'll drink next. Michael picks Korto, who's followed by Jeffrey, Viktor, Elena, Melissa, and Seth Aaron. The last designer to choose is Irina. They sketch at 40/40, then head to Mood to spend their $100.

Guest judges are fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff and interior designer Nate Berkus.

Jeffrey Sebelia - Bottom 3. Talk about 9 lives! A red halter dress supposedly inspired by the Vietnamese Ao dai. His excuses don't impress the judges at all. Go home already. Does he look different to all of you? HIs fat seems bloated & he looks like a 70's porn actor.

Mychael Knight - Safe. Too short & floral pieces on the side make the model look wide.

Korto Momolu - Bottom 3. A bright green and yellow print dress with leather strap details and a high-low pleated skirt. The judging panel is split on the utility and value of the patent leather belt, and Alyssa mentions back fat LOL. Like she might have it.

Irina Shabayeva - Safe. Peplum dress with feathers. Zipper in back looked too heavy for the outfit.

Seth Aaron Henderson - Safe. Hot looking dress if you are a hooker or going to a club, not a cocktail dress. LOL

*** Viktor Luna - Winner. He used a print of a chapel ceiling to make a light, flirty dress with cut-outs. Georgina and Alyssa don't love the admittedly weird flappy panel at front hem, but everyone is very impressed by the design and fit at the bust and shoulders. Rebecca says the print looks like it was engineered specifically for that design.

*** Melissa - Auf'd. A suede sheath dress with a high structured collar and an asymmetric hem. The judges like the fabric choice but dislike that the design elements which cause the garment to be unflattering and heavy-looking. She has sent the same dress down the runway on several occasions. Knew her days were numbered.

Christopher Palu - Top 3. A flapper inspired nude dress with rhinestone detailing. Georgina likes that she couldn't tell the dress was made from a curtain. Isaac thought the rhinestones cheapened it.

Elena Slivnyak - Top 3. A white cap-sleeved dress with cut-outs at the ribs and clavicles. The shape is typical Elena. Nicely constructed and looks expensive. She's doing good this season.

Will be late with this weeks critique, as I'm at Dave Davies on Thurs. night & off to see our guys on Sat. Woohoo!! See you there Lainey!
Xo~My World Is In A Spin, You Want To Come On In~oX
11-12-2013, 05:26 PM,
RE: Project Runway All Stars!! Season 3
Yes, Allie, we are going to be busy this weekend. Project Runway will have to wait!
Both Seth Aaron and Jeffrey are a real disappointment and I think are being favored just because of their past seasons. I wasn't so impressed with Viktor's cocktail dress because there are so very few people who could wear a top like that. I liked Christopher's and Elena's. If she could stop wigging out, she could go far this season.
See you in Atlantic City!
If I never loved, I never would have cried.

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