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Cheap Trick Frontman Opens Up About His Current Club Tour, Family & The Future

So you know how sometimes you don’t realize how much a cultural phenomenon that’s kind of been on your radar forever means to you until it’s staring you in the face? That totally happened to me this weekend when I figured out that Cheap Trick frontman Robin Zander was scheduled to play at a small but brilliant club called The Birchmere less than one mile away from my home just outside of Washington, DC.

Of course I bought tickets immediately. For instinctively, I have been in varying degrees of awe of the guy since I was a teen. That’s like 30-plus years. But it’s not something I spend a lot of time thinking about because I don’t hear about him much.

It is strangely easy to forget how awesome — and important — Robin Zander and Cheap Trick are when you’re talking rock ‘n’ roll — or just Things That Are Cool. And it’s similarly easy to forget that Robin himself is arguably the greatest, most perfect rock star ever. EVER, people…


Rolling Stone: Cheap Trick Wrap ‘Guitar Center Sessions’ Season Seven – Premiere


It always sounded as though Cheap Trick frontman Robin Zander was taking a little vocal shortcut on the band’s bubblegum classic “I Want You to Want Me.” For some reason, the phrase “didn’t I” wouldn’t roll off the tongue the way he wanted, so he seemed to be singing, “Oh-oh, deedle-I, deedle-I, deedle-I see you cryin’?” …

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Cheap Trick on “Guitar Center Sessions” – starts Jan. 17th

Be sure to tune in Friday Jan. 17th to watch Cheap Trick on #GCSessions available onDirecTV‘s Audience Network with host Nic Harcourt, channel 239. Powered by JBL.

USA Today: Rick Nielsen’s extensive guitar collection featured in ‘Guitar Aficionado’ book

Cheap Trick guitarist Rick Nielsen’s extensive and impressive guitar collection is documented in coffee table tome Guitar Aficionado: The Collections – The Most Famous, Rare, and Valuable Guitars in the World — and, with good reason.

“I’ve been collecting since the 1960s,” he says. “Some people collect this or that. I’m a musician; I collect guitars.”

But,”new pretty shiny ones” never attracted Nielsen, who turns 67 on Sunday, and grew up surrounded by instruments at his dad’s band and orchestral rental store in Northern Illinois.

“I always bought used ones because I could afford them,” says the self-taught musician. “People used to trade their guitars to get new ones; I never traded anything. It’s like the new phones today, there’s always something about the one you got rid of that the update is missing, it’s an easy way to describe why I never got rid of anything.”



Soundcheck with Bello. Sarasota 12/5/13

Photo by Daxx Nielsen


11 Amazing Rock Billboards From the Sunset Strip

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Screen Shot 2013-12-04 at 1.07.23 PM

Photos by Junko Kambara – Atlantic City – 11/16/13

Photos by ALICE ANTOINE – Atlantic City – 11/16/13

Photos by CATHI BERNARDONE – Atlantic City – 11/16/13

Photos by Randy Johnson – Phoenix – 10/16/13

Photos by LILY SELEME – Phoenix – 10/16/13

with Sparks backstage Lincoln Hall, Chicago – 11/7/13

with Sparks backstage Lincoln Hall, Chicago – 11/7/13

Photo courtesy of Rick Nielsen

Sparks1 IMG_3054-1

R.I.P. Lou Reed

courtesy of Rick Nielsen  - May 22,1975 show flyers from Madison, WI:

LouReed1 LouReed2

Photos by DANNY SAINT – Grammy Museum Los Angeles – 9/12/13

Photos by Lily Seleme – Grammy Museum – 9/12/13

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