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Cheap Trick Day 2015 Quiz: Winners Announced!

Winners of a signed Cheap Trick set list from the Australia/New Zealand tour are:

Adam Balaban
Kannon Bond
Jim Dickhaus
Paul Douglas
Michael Kraft
Joseph Maciejewski
Barb Meyer
Ken Severson
Jennifer Tarango
Rick Vosik
Britt Zweygardt
Because we had a large amount of people with the correct answers, we have managed to get a few extra Grand Prize winners for the 2 tickets and VIP meet/greet access.
Winners are:
Craig Locaciato – Biloxi show
Andrea Roelle – Bethlehem show
Chris Nielsen – Bethlehem show
Elaine Fenz – Bethlehem show
Janice Kozack – Indio show
Kai Fritzschen – Indio show
Debbie Lowe – Kansas City show
David Whittaker – Kansas City show
Marcus Brown – Kansas City show

Cheap Trick Day Quiz 2015

The CHEAP TRICK DAY 2015 contest is now closed, and winners have been announced. Here are the answers to the quiz:



Cheap Trick are currently away on a month long tour of Australia and New Zealand, so what better way to celebrate Cheap Trick Day in 2015 than with a tour-based quiz?

1. We are starting our tour in the city where producer Jack Douglas was born. Which city is that?
2. We are now on the island where we recorded an album with Sir George Martin. Where are we?

3. In the third song on our 4th album release, what place was cancelled?
COLORADO (from “Lookout” lyrics)

4. We are now in a European city where, along with AC/DC and The Who, we played an outdoor show in front of nearly 80,000 people. Where is this?

5. We love touring in Japan! We are now in the city where we played our last show of the 2003 Japanese tour, where are we?

6. We did a major tour in 1977 with Gene Simmons and his gang, which really got us some great exposure. In which city (and province) did that summer tour start?

7. The final track from the studio album we released in 1986 had us on meeting on some streets. But if it wasn’t New York, where was it?
LONDON (“It’s Only Love” from The Doctor album)

8. It’s always good to be close to home! We played a huge hometown gig a few years back, which spawned a live double CD. But from which city and state were the location audio facilities provided for that show?
GLENVIEW, ILLINOIS (from the credits in Silver CD booklet)

9. We are in the one country that is specifically named in the 7th track of our fourth studio LP. Where is it?
CANADA (“Writing on the Wall” from Dream Police album)

10. Some of the band members traveled with the 1st Airborne Rock’n’Roll Division, entertaining American servicemen overseas. On the back cover of our eighth studio album, Rick is pictured wearing a personalized tour jacket. What’s the place name immediately below “Philippines”?
DIEGO GARCIA (Standing on the Edge album cover)

11. We are now standing outside the venue where we were once joined onstage by the sensational Alex Harvey. In which city are we?
LONDON (Hammersmith Odeon, 1980)

12. We’ve recorded in lots of places… we went to the pub in this small village and then we recorded “Money is the Route of All Fun” with Roy Wood. Which village and country are we in?
BATTLE, ENGLAND (from the liner notes in Sex, America, Cheap Trick)

13. Some location filming for the third video from our tenth studio album took place in this Olympian city. Where are we?

14. The title of the last song (unlisted on the original release) on our third LP was a play on the name of which town (where we played a lot in our early days)?
EAU CLAIRE (Wisconsin)

15. One of these is the ideal way to finish a Chinese meal… but in which city and state did we record the basic track of this song at a soundcheck?
BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA (“Fortune Cookie,” from the liner notes of Sex, America, Cheap Trick).

16. Getting awards is always nice. We were given an award by Classic Rock magazine at The Roundhouse in recognition of “At Budokan”, but in which city was the awards ceremony?

17. So here we are at the end of this tour! When we played in this city in October 1979, we set a sound level record of 116db! And funnily enough, we are playing in this city again today! Happy Cheap Trick Day!
AUCKLAND (New Zealand)

18. It’s always cool to be on the same bill as one of your heroes. Last time we were in Germany, we played two shows opening for the legendary Jeff Beck. In which city was the second of these shows?

19. In 1998 and 1999, we performed our first three albums at a number of cities all around the USA. In which city and state were the last album shows of 1998 performed?

20. The Stacked Actors opened a show for us in which Olympian city?
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (2002, Foo Fighters)

Where did Tom live during the entire recording of Cheap Trick’s debut album in 1976?
Tom says: “”I lived at Jack Douglas’ apartment in New York City.”
Where did Rick live?
Tom says: “Rick lived at Jack Douglas’ house in Montclair, New Jersey.”

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