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“Cheap Trick Day” Quiz



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Special thanks to Kim Gisborne (fact checker) and Darran Prosser (graphics), and Tom Petersson (tiebreaker question).

photo_3On which side of the self-titled debut LP is “ELO Kiddies”?

  1. Side 1
    1. What was the title of the bonus track on the Japanese release of the Rockford album?

    “Mondo Ragga” (“Mando Ragga” was also accepted)


    1. Name the band and title of the 45/single on which Rick made his vinyl debut (though he was uncredited).

    The Yardbirds – “Ha Ha Said The Clown”

    1. What was the original title of “Way of the World”?

    See Me Now”

    1. Who headlined on the Mountain Stage at Summersonic Tokyo in 2013, playing after Cheap Trick had performed?

    .Stereophonics  (Beady Eye was listed on the schedule, however, they canceled.)

    1. In which city did Cheap Trick make their British debut?

    Manchester on 3/27/78. (Jim Capaldi opened for Kansas in London on 3/25/78 though CT did all their other Europe/UK dates.)

    1. Who briefly played keyboards with the band on tour in 1985, between Steve Walsh leaving and Tod Howarth joining?

    Kasim Sulton

    1. Name the song that Cheap Trick contributed to the movie soundtrack Another Way.

    Stop That Thief”

    1. On the Live in Australia DVD, how many cars did Ken Harris say were in the band’s caravan to a Tokyo radio station during the first tour in Japan?


    1. Who is the 117th entry thanked by Cheap Trick in the credits of the S.A.CT box set? (Hint: the answer is the same whether you start from A or Z)

    Noriko Kobayashi

    Tiebreaker/bonus question:

    What bass did Tom play on the studio version of “Wrong Side of Love”?

    Tom says:

    Rickenbacker 4008, 8 String Bass

Photos by James Mirabelli – Thunder Bay – 3/9/14

Photos by Sue Primm – Milwaukee 2/21/14

New Orleans – 3/3/14

With our Louisiana State Police escort and Dream Police background vocalists – New Orleans – 3/3/14 – photo by Carla Dragotti


Krewe of Orpheus Press Conference – New Orleans – 3/3/14

Krewe of Orpheus Press Conference – New Orleans – 3/3/14

Photo by Carla Dragotti

With Mayor Mitch Landrieu, James Roday, Quentin Tarantino, John Schneider




With the family of Fats Domino
Photo courtesy of Rick Nielsen


Photos by Jeff Daly – Miami – 12/8/13

Photos by Ed Lines Jr – Ravinia – 8/31/13

Photos by Alice Antoine – Montclair – 2/15/14

Photos by Cathi Bernardone – Lynn, MA – 2/16/14

Photos by John Henneke – Anderson – 2/22/14

Photos by Joseph Suto – Salamanca – 12/29/13

Photos by John Henneke – Merrillville – 12/27/13

Photos by Adam Kranwinkel – Sarasota 12/5/13

Backstage Milwaukee – 2/21/14 – Photo: Brian St. Clair


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