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Tower Records – vintage foamcore wall displays at

Old school record store days! Check out the hand made foamcore wall displays made the the artists at Tower Records Berkley to promote the “Standing On The Edge” and “Lap Of Luxury” albums in the 80’s. For more on those crazy rock n roll loving Tower Records Berkeley store artists (that helped influence the in-store look of Tower Records stores moving forward in the 80’s) check out the documentary “Art Gods” on DVD (
1985_Cheap Trick

1988_Cheap Trick

Elvis Costello Talks Childhood, Angry Young Manhood, and His Love of Cheap Trick

On Oct. 15, Elvis Costello came to Washington, D.C.’s Sixth and I to talk with Slate culture editor Dan Kois about his new memoir, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink. The pair discussed the moment when 8-year-old Declan MacManus first understood that music was a thing you could hold and love; how the Attractions were influenced by Neil Young, David Bowie, and Cheap Trick; and how his appearance in the Spice Girls movie reflects his feelings about the difficulty of pop songwriting. Plus, an audience member asked the most important question: “How do you really feel about Sting?”

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